Include NEVER Exclude

While doing some research, I came across an article by the Friendship Circle. For those of you who don’t know the Friendship Circle is an organization that seeks to provide meaningful relationships between people with special needs and their local community. In this article, they go over some ways people can include students with special needs in activities outside of the classroom such as plays, field trips and assemblies. Sadly, many schools feel it’s best to exclude special needs children from after school activities and more. They assume that the child will be more comfortable if they are not exposed to an environment that may be deemed too difficult sensory , physically and mentally wise. However, they are being deprived of a well rounded experience. When planning activities the teacher , principle or community should find ways to make the environment more conducive for the child. By working alongside the parents, the school can come up with small / simple changes to the environment. That way EVERY child will feel included and will get the chance to try new things. Never go into something with a limited mind set. Just because something may seem to difficult for a child does not mean it is.

4 Ways Your Child with Special Needs can be Included Outside of the Classroom



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