Most Embarrassing Moment

I will never forget my first day of gym class as a high school freshman. My classmates and I were asked to stand in a line and prepare to run for the dreadful pacer test. For those of you who are not familiar with the test, it requires one to run from one end of the gym to the other at the sound of a bell or ring . As state in my IEP, I was able to sit out of any physical activity that required running, since my balance was extremely poor. So when my gym teacher asked me to run the pacer backwards, I simply stated “I can’t do the activity but I will explain privately after class”. My gym teacher felt that I was being a “brat” and just didn’t want to participate. He continued to insult and embarrass me in front of the whole class. He said I was too good for gym and that I was being a “princess “. I never felt more embarrassed in my life. Even though most of my peers were aware of my condition, I was in a gym filled with upperclassmen who weren’t privy to that type of information. I felt my status in high school drop before my eyes. I was so mad at my gym teacher that I stormed out of gym as soon as it was over. I guess the someone in the school had spoken to the gym teacher after the altercation and informed him of my condition because he apologized the next day. He said he had no idea about my condition and if he had known he would have let me sit out. I appreciated his apology but made sure to tell him that regardless of my condition , the way he embarrassed me was inappropriate . No student should be make fun of by their own teacher in front of the class . I could tell he felt horrible about the situation and since that day, he never spoke ill to a student ever again.


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