Gifted Students

With each week that has gone by I have learned about each of my student’s strengths and weaknesses. It surprised me that the students’ progress would fluctuate depending on the topic being taught that week. I started to see some of my stronger students fall behind the rest of their peers in math. Perhaps this is due to over confidence. I came to this conclusion after my cooperating teacher started differentiating for the two stronger math students in the class. They were expected to participate during the math lesson being taught but once the students went to work on their math problems, the two stronger students had to work on a separate math packet. The math packet contained multiplication type questions and word problems. The math packet was a great Idea because I noticed the two students actually felt like they were being challenged. Before they received the packet, the two students would finish their math work within five mins while rest to the class took about 20 mins to complete the same work. They would also call out the answers before any of the students had a chance to respond. However, once they had a change in material, the two advanced students started to slow down. It took them longer to complete the math packet and the required a lot more assistance. This eventually leads us to the current problem at hand. During their math exam, the two advanced students rushed through the problems and made silly mistakes. What made it even more interesting is that the students who receive extra support in math and tend to struggle, did better the advanced students. After seeing this occur, I wondered what the next step would be. If the two students continue to make mistakes in their homework and exams, should they go back to doing the same math work as the rest of the class? Or dose this simply require a one to one conversation with the students to remind them to look over their work and to take their time?


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