Once and a while I like to highlight programs that I feel are doing wonderful things for children with special needs. This weeks highlight is SNAP. SNAP is a non- profit program athletics program for children with special needs. The program provides various athletic activities that encourage children to challenge themselves in the company of professionals. It is hard for people with special needs to play sports along side people who don’t have special needs do to competition and ability. This program eliminates the fear and anxiety that comes along with that. Instead the children can enjoy playing a sport with peers just like them and also make friends in the process. I love hearing of programs that find ways for all children to feel comfortable, inviting and supportive during activities in which they may feel most vulnerable. I know personally I struggled to enjoy gym class because the students were often making fun of me or were mad that I was on their team. I felt anxious every time I had to play a physical activity. This feeling transferred on to after school programs. Even though I desperately wanted to play soccer, I chose not to out of fear that my teammates would hate me. With that said I love that their is something out there now to help solve that problem.


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