Fear of Missing Out

When I was younger I used to fear that I was missing out on all of the fun stuff. There were several activities that I couldn’t do because of my disability. At the time my town had not developed programs for children with disabilities. I always wanted to do ballet, soccer and cheer leading but every year I would watch my friends talk about their after school actives while I sat silent. I was so jealous  of my siblings and their active buys lives. I used to dream that I was just a regular kid who could play any sport or do any activity without fear of getting hurt or made fun of. Several years have past and so have the mind sets of society. With in a click of a button I can find several programs developed for children with special needs. I see kids playing extreme sports, sports, dance and more . I am so happy that they get to fill their youth with the same or similar actives as their other peers. Missing out because of something you can’t control sucks and I would never want a child to feel that they can’t do something because of their disability. I never want to live my life with regrets and with that said, I’m going to start going down my list of activities that I was deprived of and complete them! Your never to old to learn to dance or play a sport right? ! 🙂


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