Speechless Dating

ABC’s Speechless just did an episode on dating. Many people tend to forget that people with special needs go through all of life’s developmental steps just like everyone else. We to have hormones, wants and needs. Making an emotional connection with a significant other is a major part of life. Humans date, have relationships and marry. But what about people with special needs? Society has a history of dismissing this part of their lives. They automatically assume that people with special needs won’t be considering that part of life or even wondering about it. Guess what they do ! ABC recognized that this is an area in which many people with special needs struggle in. In this episode the lead character who is wheel chair bound do to having Cerebral Palsy , longs to have a romantic relationship with his classmate. His family comes up with an elaborate plan for the perfect kiss . However, as soon as he is about to kiss his classmate he stops because he realized something. Nothing about his life is “normal” , it’s not normal that your family has to watch your date and then rush in to the room when the date is not looking in order to position your head for the perfect kiss. He understood that in order for him to have that special moment, he would need to do it on his own without his families help. Speechless is known for being funny and making light of the main character’s daily struggles but this one really hit hard with the audience. It’s not easy finding love when you have a disability but it doesn’t help when people don’t recognize that humans with special needs want to be loved to.


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